C.O. Junior Tennis Ladder

I’m so excited to announce the launch of the Central Oregon Junior Tennis Ladder. This is a great opportunity to get match play in during the off season. The C.O. Junior Tennis Ladder is open to any tennis player in Central Oregon (boy or girl, middle or high school) who would like to get match play in. It doesn’t matter which school you attend. By popular demand, we’ll have both a singles and doubles ladder (signing up and paying the single one time fee gets you on both).

When – June 1-August 31
Cost – $20 (cash or make check payable to Josh Cordell)

Info needed to sign up:
High school graduation year (for example if you are going to be a senior next year you are the class of 2019)
School you’ll attend next year
Boy or Girl
Phone Number

End of the season prizes:
1st (2) – Highest ranked boy and girl
2nd – Most wins
3rd – Most matches played

What constitutes a match:
• Add or no add, you and your opponent decide.
• A match must be at least a set to 6 games to count. It could be a pro set, a two out of three sets with a third-set tiebreaker, or a full two out of three sets or if you are crazy, you can even play three out of five (Grand Slam style).
• Only one match per day vs the same opponent (the first one played). For example, Bobby can’t play three sets vs Timmy and count it as three matches. Bobby and Timmy could play one set and count it as their match. They could then decide to play additional sets but those would not count towards the ladder or their total of matches played. They could however play again the next day.

How does it work:
• Results are posted weekly.
• Rankings are updated weekly.

• Can boys and girls play against each other? – Yes, you decide who you are going to play.
• Who reports the score? – The winner of the match.
• How do I report the score? – Email to Josh@prepsuccesscoach.com
• Can I join late? – Yes, you can join anytime between June 1 and August 31, but the earlier gives you the most chances to play.
• How do I set up a match? – Contact someone from the ladder and schedule with them directly.

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