All of the Central Oregon Teams to Place at State 2017-18 school year

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1st – Crook County Cross Country (4A)
4th – Bend Cross Country (5A)
Semifinals – Bend Soccer (5A)
Semifinals – Mountain View Football (5A)
5th – Summit Cross Country (5A)
6th – Sisters Cross County (4A)
Quarterfinals – Madras Soccer (4A)

1st – Bend Volleyball (5A)
1st – Summit Cross Country (5A)
1st – Summit Soccer (5A)
1st – Sisters Volleyball (4A)
2nd – Summit Volleyball (5A)
2nd – Culver Volleyball (2A)
4th – Crook County Volleyball (4A)
4th – Sisters Cross Country (4A)
7th – Bend Cross Country (5A)
Quarterfinals – Bend Soccer (5A)
Quarterfinals – Ridgeview Soccer (5A)
9th – Crook County Cross Country (4A)

1st – Bend Swimming (5A)
1st – Crook County Wrestling (4A)
1st – Culver Wrestling (2A)
4th – Mountain View Wrestling (5A)
6th – Redmond Wrestling (5A)
6th – Mountain View Swimming (5A)
6th – La Pine Wrestling (3A)
Quarterfinals – Mountain View (5A)
Quarterfinals – Sisters (4A)
8th – Summit Swimming (5A)
16th – Ridgeview Swimming (5A)
19th – Madras Wrestling (4A)
21st – Bend Wrestling (5A)
27th – Summit Wrestling (5A)
34st – Sisters Wrestling (4A)

1st – Bend Swimming (5A)
3rd – Summit Swimming (5A)
4th – Sisters Swimming (4A)
5th – Mountain View Swimming (5A)
5th – Bend Basketball (5A)
11th – Redmond Swimming (5A)

1st – Summit Tennis (5A)
1st – La Pine Baseball (3A)
2nd – Summit Golf (5A)
2nd – Crook County Track (4A)
3rd – Summit Track (5A)
Semifinals – Bend Baseball (5A)
6th – Ridgeview Golf (5A)
7th – Ridgeview Track (5A)
7th – La Pine Golf (3A)
Quarterfinals – Summit Baseball (5A)
Quarterfinals – Madras Baseball (4A)
10th – Bend Track (5A)
10th – Sisters Track (4A)
11th – Mountain View Track (5A)
15th – Madras Track (4A)
20th – La Pine Track (3A)
23rd – Redmond Track (5A)
30th – Gilchrist Track (1A)
32nd – Culver Track (2A)

1st – Summit Track (5A)
1st – Bend Golf (5A)
2nd – Bend Track (5A)
2nd – Summit Tennis (5A)
2nd – Summit Golf (5A)
4th – Mountain View Track (5A)
4th – La Pine Track (3A)
8th – Sisters Track (4A)
8th – Culver Track (2A)
Quarterfinals – Ridgeview Softball (5A)
10th – Gilchrist Track (1A)
12th – Crook County Track (4A)
21st – Ridgeview Track (5A)
23rd – Redmond Track (5A)
33rd – Madras Track (4A)

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