My picks for best of the IMC football so far

I’ve seen all five Intermountain Conference teams play at least once. Here are my picks for the best of IMC football so far.

Team – Mountain View – Until someone beats them… they are the best!

Quarterback – John Bledsoe, Summit – This is a tough one. It could also been Caleb Tatum, Mountain View; Mike Irwin, Mountain View; Creighton Simmonds, Bend and Jacob Johnson of Ridgeview. I’ve seen Bledsoe play the most this year and the sophomore looks like the real deal.

Running back – Derek Brown, Redmond – Other good backs (like Cody Anthony of MV), but Brown is just a stud! He’s going to have some Redmond-record-breaking numbers this year.

Receiver – Kyle Cornett, Summit – A deep threat with great moves. Also up there are Quinn Fettig, Bend; Cam McCormick, Summit; Chris Adamo, Mountain View; Austin Albin, Mountain View and Dantly Wilcox of Mountain View.

Kicker – Zach Emerson, Mountain View – No question about it! He looks like he could be kicking in the Pac12 right now… and he’s just a junior.

Punter – Zach Emerson, Mountain View – Hands down the best punter as well.

Returner – Kyle Cornett, Summit – Has ran several back to the house and had several more called back on penalties. He’s a threat every time he touches the ball. Chris Adamo of MV is a big time threat as well.

Exciting team – Redmond – They score a ton of points on a lot of long run plays.

Performance – Jacob Johnson, Ridgeview – 8 TD passes in a single game.

Surprise Team – Bend – They are better than they thought they’d be. The Lava Bears are 5-2 right now after going just 1-8 last year.

Best Game – Mountain View 27, Summit 20. This was the best IMC game I’ve seen in a long time.