Crazy idea… keep Bend, MV & Summit in 5A

2018-2022 OSAA
I get why the three Bend schools should move up to 6A. They should. It makes sense. But no one wants them to join their league… so why not just keep them in 5A?

Here’s the proposed 6A league for Bend, Mountain View and Summit.

Here’s the Intermountain Conference without them.

So what if you kept them in 5A and made a 9-team IMC?

What are the pros and cons of keeping the three Bend schools in 5A?
• Keep things the same. Same rivalries, same schedules, same travel. Things we know work.
• Salem is happy. Eugene is happy. Medford, Roseburg and Grants Pass are happy.
• Less travel over the pass. If you put the Bend schools in either of the latest proposed leagues, you’ve got lots of travel over the mountain passes. Something the valley schools don’t want.
• Less missed school.

• The 3 Bend schools are too big for 5A. They win a lot of championships.
• The other 5A teams would like them to move up to 6A.

So what should be done?