Wrapping up the 2014-15 IMC boys basketball season… everything you want to know

MV boys
It was an amazing Intermountain Conference basketball season that saw Mountain View take third place in the state in coach Craig Reid’s final year with the Cougars.

At one point in the season, four of the five IMC teams were ranked in the state’s top 10. It was an intense season with packed gyms, buzzer beaters and great games.

First Team All State
Ments Haugen Mt. View 12
State Sportsmanship Trophy
Mountain View
IMC Player of the Year
George Mendazona Ridgeview 11
First Team IMC
George Mendazona Ridgeview 11
Ments Haugen Mt. View 12
JJ Spitler Bend 12
Max Michalski Summit 12
Jack Hurley Summit 11
Christian Johnson Bend 12
Second Team IMC
Davis Holly Mt. View 11
Austin Albin Mt. View 12
Nick Mason Summit 11
Garrett Albrecht Ridgeview 11
Honorable Mention IMC
Jordan Vance Mt. View 11
Cameron McCormick Summit 11
Carson Manselle Ridgeview 12
Tanner O’Neal Ridgeview 12
Jacob Parsons Bend 12
Brandon Benson Redmond 11
Cody Moss Redmond 11
IMC Co-Coaches of the Year
Jon Frazier, Summit and Craig Reid, Mountain View
High Point Games
George Mendazona Ridgeview 44 points
JJ Spitler Bend 39 points
Jacob Parsons Bend 34 points
Max Michalski Summit 32 points
Davis Holly Mt. View 30 points
Jack Hurley Summit 30 points
5A Boys Placing
1 Silverton
2 Wilsonville
3 Mountain View
4 Springfield
5 Marist
6 Churchill
IMC Standings
Mountain View 9-3 (22-6)
Summit 8-4 (20-7)
Ridgeview 7-5 (17-8)
Bend 6-6 (12-11)
Redmond 0-12 (3-21)

5A Boys Power Rankings
1 Mountain View
2 Summit
3 Wilsonville
4 Silverton
5 Ridgeview
6 Liberty
7 Crater
8 Springfield
9 Marist
10 Corvallis
12 Bend
23 Redmond