Summit vs Crook County volleyball a big early season matchup

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Summit @ Crook County on Tuesday night at 6pm repents a battle of two of Central Oregon’s best volleyball teams over the past decade.

In fact, checkout all of the state championship volleyball teams from Central Oregon in the past 10 years. At least one C.O. volleyball team has won a state championship every year in the past decade. Four times two different teams have won titles and eight have been claimed by Crook County.

2015 – Summit (5A)
2014 – Sisters (4A)
2013 – Crook County (4A)
2012 – Crook County (4A), Culver (2A)
2011 – Summit (5A), Crook County (4A)
2010 – Crook County (4A)
2009 – Crook County (5A), Sisters (4A)
2008 – Crook County (5A)
2007 – Crook County (5A), Sisters (4A)
2006 – Crook County (5A)