Bend teams return top XC runners in the state

This is kind of unreal just how loaded the three Bend teams are when compared to the rest of Class 5A. On the boys side… wow, incredible depth! The girls return three of the top four runners, while the boys represent the top eight returners in the state.

(Based on how they placed in the 2013 State Meet)
Top Returning 5A Girls
1 Hannah Gindlesperger, Summit
2 Olivia Brooks, Summit
3 Rachel Khaw, Liberty
4 Kaely Gordon, Summit

Top Returning 5A Boys
1 Matthew Maton, Summit
2 Caleb Hoffman, Bend
3 Tyler Jones of Summit
4 Dakota Thornton, MV
5 Gabe Wiley, MV
6 Alex Martin, Summit
7 Matthew Sjorgren, Summit
8 Chris Merlos, Summit
9 Hayden Scott, Hermiston